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The Creatures officially claimed over 50% of the land territory on earth several months ago. Since the Seeding, humans had to set aside their differences and gather together so that they could survive. These people formed colonies, protected by massive Gatlings. The Gatlings were remotely controlled by a single person, commonly nicknamed the colony’s OPERATOR.

… You are an OPERATOR as of today.

Link to Ludum Dare page


FIXED: Name input not being set correctly
FIXED: Unintended misinterpretation of a string.
REMOVED: Unintended repeat of a string.
FIXED: Intro and Death fades, as well as fixing unintended availability of input.
FIXED: Death sequence.
FIXED: Spawn sequence speeds.
FIXED: Tutorial

UNTESTED FIX: Game speed with higher than 60Hz monitor refresh rates.

Install instructions

Simply run OPERATOR from the zip folder, or, if you feel like it, unzip the files and then do so.

All files must be together.



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